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      1. SAIC MOTOR


        CONTACT US:

        • IR Hotline: 86-21-22011138
        • Email: saicmotor@saic.com.cn


        Q: What is the Company's development strategy?

        A: The Company will, under market-oriented strategy, firmly grasp the general direction of the "new four modernizations" and core capabilities construction of its own brand. Driven by continuous and rapid implementation of major innovations and supported by digital transformation, the Company will achieve parallel development of manufacturing and services, create a new SAIC Motor with more influential brand, more competitive system and more flexible mechanism. The Company plans to achieve the optimization and adjustment of business structure according to requirements of high-quality development by 2025, including: brand structure will change from joint venture-based to both self-owned brands and joint ventures brands, with the global sales of self-owned brands accounting for more than 55%; product technology will change from traditional automotive technology to electric intelligent connected upgrading, with the global sales of new energy vehicles accounting for 32% and the sales of the new-generation intelligent electric vehicles featured with "integration of cloud, pipe and device" accounting for 20%; market structure will change from domestic-based to both domestic and overseas marketplaces, with the overseas sales reaching 1.5 million units and accounting for more than 17%; business scope will change from manufacturing to parallel development of manufacturing and services, with the operating income of services (including mobility services, finance) accounting for more than 12%.

        The Company will strive to achieve global sales of all brands totally amounting to 8.5 million, rank among the top 5 automotive companies in the world top 500, become a trillion-dollar automobile industry group with global competitiveness and international brand influence, and strive for a world-class automobile enterprise at the end of "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

        Q: What's the company's Business plan in 2022?

        A: The completion of production and sales plan was adversely affected by "supply constraints" like chip shortage in 2021. In 2022, the Company will, adhering to the work keynote of "seeking for improvement on a steady basis and prioritizing progress", improve its quality during making progress in economic operation, fully explore the growth potential, firmly grasp market opportunities, continually improve the production and sales structure, prevent and solve various risks and challenges, and constantly reinforce the resilience and quality of economic operation; pursue practicality while making progress in reform and innovation, continually speed up the implementation of major strategic projects, constantly strengthen the technology base of electric intelligent connections, further deepen the market-oriented reform of institutional mechanisms, and better stimulate team vitality. The Company strives to achieve an annual sales of over 6 million vehicles, representing an increase of over 10% on a year-on-year basis, and has expected a total operating income of RMB 800 billion and an operating cost of RMB 718 billion.

        1. The Company will continually make efforts to grasp opportunities and optimize structure by the following ways: (1) further strengthen our own brands, precision marketing through launching new products and strive to achieve a sales growth of over 20% for own brands, continually accounting for over 50% of the Company's total sales; (2) grasp the market opportunities of new energy vehicles, speed up the launch of new products and improve market coverage for targeted market segments, with an annual sales of over 1.1 million and a growth rate over 50% for new energy vehicles; (3) deepen the layout of the high-end luxury car market and further strengthen the product lineup in the luxury brands through the launch of new products such as IM, SAIC Audi and Cadillac; (4) continuously increase efforts to explore overseas markets, combine the characteristics of each regional market and give full play to the product differentiation advantages in electrification and intelligent connection, with an annual sales of over 0.8 million and a growth rate of over 20% for overseas markets, and further improve its leading advantages and operation quality.

        2. The Company will continually make efforts to strengthen new growth drivers by the following ways: (1) continuously promote the implementation of major strategic projects such as IM motors, RISING Auto, Robotaxi and intelligent heavy duty trucks; (2) continuously strengthen the technology base of electric intelligent connections, accelerate the localization and mass production application of automotive chips, and continue to promote the digital transformation of the R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service ends; (3) continually deepen the SOEs reform, promote the spin-off listings and market-based financing of science and technology innovation SMEs as planned, deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, expand the coverage of diversified incentive methods such as equity, option, phantom equity, and explore how to build the SAIC Motor Innovation Research and Development Institute as a world-class R&D platform featured with "technical innovation, entrepreneurial team and personal development".

        3. The Company will continually make efforts to prevent and solve risks and challenges by the following ways: (1) work tirelessly to prevent and control the pandemic, implement all normal prevention and control measures and improve the response plan for unexpected situations; (2) actively cope with supply chain risks such as chips, continually maintain supply guarantee, accelerate the expansion of local supply chain resources, allocate resources reasonably and optimize scheduling scheme to meet the market demand; (3) enhance the ability to anticipate and respond to risks, grasp the basics of quality, safety, cash flow and foreign exchange management, and continue to practice internal strength to ensure a steady improvement in the operation quality.

        Q: What are policies of cash dividend distribution of the Company in 2021?

        A: The Company plans to distribute cash dividends of RMB 6.82 (inclusive of tax) per 10 shares, amounting to RMB 7,846,983,360.13 in total based on 11,505,840,704 shares, that is, the total shares of 11,683,461,365 net of the number of shares (177,620,661 shares) on the special securities account for repurchase as of the disclosure date of the annual report. The Company has no plan of capitalization of capital reserve this year. During the period from the disclosure date of the annual report to the registration date of equity allocation, if there is any change in the number of shares which the Company are entitled to due to situations such as repurchase of shares, the total amount of profit distribution is maintained unchanged and the amount allocated per share is adjusted accordingly.

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